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---- Batch File Code START -----

SET /P MYBGCOLOR="Enter Background Color in HEX RRGGBB Format without #: "
SET /A "r = ((0x%MYBGCOLOR% >> 16) & 0xff)"
SET /A "g = ((0x%MYBGCOLOR% >> 8) & 0xff)"
SET /A "b = (0x%MYBGCOLOR% & 0xff)"
SET /A luminance = %r%*2126+%g%*7152+%b%*722
if  %luminance% LSS 1400000 SET "MYFGCOLOR=#FFFFFF"

---- Batch File Code END -----

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Friday, July 19, 2019


*Accurate Extraction of Text even with improper Font Encoding*


Download & install

PDFlib TET Plugin from here:


PDFlib FontReporter from here: (Optional)

Other Useful Softwares:
SortProgram.exe  from
HandyFile Find & Replace from


Open Adobe Acrobat, click on Plug-Ins Tab & select "PDFLib TET Plugin" & open "TET Configuration". Select Output as TETML & "TETML Destination" as Directory.

A.Create TETML file with PDFLib TET by right click on any page  &  Select "Copy Contents of All Pages"
B. Open TETML file with Notepad & delete  the TEXT till you see <Glyph font...
And save as TEXT file.
C. Open this text file in MS Word

Note : At the bottom of XML file, fonts should be listed, F0 should be the main font, except these, it may be required to remove all other characters of other fonts.

Open Search & Replace Dialog Box with CTRL+H

<check "use wildcards" option for below phrases which have round brackets () >
0.Replace (\<Options\>)(*)(\</Options\>) with NULL
1. Replace (\<Glyph font="F1")(*)(\</Glyph\>) with NULL
2.Replace (\<Glyph font="F2")(*)(\</Glyph\>) with NULL
3.Replace (\<Glyph font="F3")(*)(\</Glyph\>) with NULL
4.Replace (\<Glyph font="F4")(*)(\</Glyph\>) with NULL
[SortProgram.exe can be used to Extract lines containing "F0", then we dont need to go for step no. 0 to 4, and start directly from step no. 5. Remember to convert Carriare Return "\r" & New Line "\n" to "\rn" using HandyFile Find & Replace]
5.Replace (\<Glyph font="F0" size=")(*)(" y=") with NULL
6. Replace (\<Page)*(\>) with NULL
7.Replace (" width=")(*)(" fill="C0"\>) with $$$$$
8.Replace ([0-9]{1,3})(.)([0-9]{1,2}) with \1
9.Replace $$$$$ with ^t
10. Replace <>^p  with NULL
11. Replace (\<)(*)(\>) with NULL
12. Replace ^p^p with ^p and repeat till all ^p^p removed

Copy all text & PASTE in EXCEL (Column A & B)

and in a coloum C use this formula:

=IF(A1<>A2,(IF( ((A1-A2)/3)<12,"<BR>","<P>")),"")

and drag till last row.

Now Copy Column B & C and Paste in Notepad. Save the Text File & Open in Word

Replace ^t with NULL
Replace ^p with NULL

Save the TEXT file and rename its extension to .html & then open with Firefox.
Now from Firefox, select all Text, copy & paste in Notepad. Save the file.

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SBI Debit/ATM Card channel usage control thru SMS

Enable Disable SBI Debit/ATM Card Channel thru SMS

Send SMS to 09223966666

SMS Format:

To Switch On:
SWON channel_code CCCC

To Switch Off:
SWOFF channel_code CCCC

Channel Code:

Point of Sale: POS
e-Commerce:  ECOM
Domestic Usage :DOM
International Usage: INTL

CCCC is last 4 digits of ATM card number

Friday, October 26, 2018

Andaman Diary

Andaman Diary

1. Best season August to November. Mansoon is off season but one will get discount everywhere.

2. Download offline google/here maps for Andaman as it will help a lot.

3. Take scooty in Port blair, Havelock and Neil islands as it will help in travel a lot.

4. Network is very poor. Internet connectivity is very very limited. You will get only EDGE in most of areas and that will too not work. Some paid wifi centers will help to get the connectivity. In Abardeen Market, few cafes are near Ghantaghar.

5. Better to pre-plan whole journey, book hotel before coming to this place as dependency on internet is not reliable.

6. Ask for discount everywhere.

7. For Havlock/Neil/Jolly Buoy, 3 days advance booking permitted for government boat. Better to buy ticket in advance for govt boat as limited seats are available. booking time is from 8:30am to 4pm.

8. Government boats for Havelock & Neil goes from Phoenix Jetty near Abardeen Market. Tickets can be purchased only from  jetty.

9. You will need permit to go Jolly buoy/Red skin island from IP&T office near Abardeen Market. Permit Cost: Rs. 75 per person. Need photocopy of ID. Boat charges are extra, approx Rs. 885 for to and fro. One has to go to Wandoor beach to get boat for jolly buoy/red skin island. Buses goes to wandoor beach from Abardeen market. Jolly buoy remain closed in Mansoon. when Jolly buoy is closed, Red skin island is open.

10. Neil island:  Very good & relaxing. Natural rock forming beach is too good. one can go there during low tide to see the natural rocks. one natural bridge is also there. water is so clear. Beach no. 3 is also very good. One can stay at break water resort or kalapani resort at Beach no. 3 among other options.

11. Havelock Island: Scuba is a must try. Seashell scuba club near Havelock jetty's serive is good. Radhanagar beach is just awesome. Budget stay at Green land resort near Radhanagar Beach is good.

12. Remember, if weather is bad, boats can be cancelled.

13. hotel green park is very good budget restaurant near abardeen market, near ANSCB Bank.

15. Baratang is famus for lime caves, mud volcano and Jarawas tribals. But one can escape this.

16. Chidiya Tapu: very nice spot. the way towards chidiya tapu is full of jungle. view from Munda Pahar is awesome, however, to reach Munda Pahar, a trek of 1.5 km (~20min) to be completed.

17. Wandoor Beach: Beach is near Jetty from where boats go to Jolly Buoy/Red Skin island. Beach is OK. but way to reach Wandoor is full of lush greenery.

18. Cellular Jail: must visit and dont forget to see the Light and sound show. ticket are available at Jail itself and also at IP&T office near Abardeen Market.

19. Abardeen Market is central place in Port Blair.

20. Corby Beach: Very nice beach. You can enjoy a lot here in evening.

21. Anthropology Museum and Fishert Museum

22. Oyo hotel Value @ dollygunj is a good option for stay in Port Blair. Location is good and near to Airport.

Suggestive Itinerary:

1st Day:
After chekin to your Hotel, buy ticket for boat (esp. Govt boat) for Neil & Havelock island from Phoenix Jetty. Take Permit for Jolly buoy/Red Skin from IP&T office near Abardeen Market.

Afternoon: visit to Cellular Jail (~1-1:30Hr)
Evening: Cellular Jail Light and Sound Show (1 Hr)
Night: Corby Beach

2nd-3rd/4th Day
Neil Island: 1 day
Havelock Island: 1-2 Day

Take boat from Port Blair to Neil, Neil to Havelock and Havelock to Port Blair
Take boat from Port Blair to Havelock,  Havelock to Neil and Neil to Port Blair

4th/5th Day:
Morning:Ross Island and Northbay Island. Private boats go to these island from Water Sports Complex, Near Cellular Jail.
Afternoon: Fishery Museum

5th Day/6th Day:
Visit to Jolly Buoy/Red Skin Island

6th Day/7th Day:
Visit to Chidiya Tapu & Anthropology Museum

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Ayurvedic Nuskhe आयुर्वेदिक नुस्खे

पिपरमेंट का शर्बत : पेट के अनेक रोगों में अत्यंत लाभदायक

घर मे बना कर रखिये:

1.भीमसेनी कपूर (खाने वाला कपूर): 5gm
2. पिपरमेंट पाउडर: 5gm
3. अजवायन सत्व: 5gm

तीनो को आपस मे मिला ले। फिर इसमें 5-6 बूंद दालचीनी का तेल और आधा चम्मच सौफ का तेल मिला ले।

अब एक पतीले में एक लीटर पानी ले कर उसमें 250gm बूरा शक्कर डाल दे। अब इसकी एक तार की चाशनी बना लीजिए और इसमें ऊपर बनाई हुई दवाई मिला दीजिये।

आपका पिपरमेंट का शर्बत तैयार है। इसे कांच की बोतल में भर के रख ले।

जब भी पेट मे मरोड़, दर्द, गैस, उल्टी, दस्त इत्यादि हो, एक या दो चम्मच शर्बत, एक कप पानी मे मिला कर पी ले। अत्यधिक लाभ होता है।

High BP

1. 125mg मोती पिष्टी शहद के साथ खिलाये।
2. एक छोटा चम्मच अर्जुन चूर्ण और एक चम्मच धनिया पाउडर को रात में पानी मे मिला कर काढ़ा बना कर रख ले। अगले दिन इसे शहद मिला कर दिन में तीन बार लीजिये।

कोलाइटिस Colitis

Saptamrit Or Panchamrit Parpati, 500mg पीस कर शहद से दिन में दो बार ले। एक हफ्ते तक सेवन करे।

दमा रोग

शुद्ध मैनसिल 1gm
सोमकल्पा 10gm
मकरध्वज 5gm

तीनो मिला कर एक साथ पीस ले। इससे 16 gm चूर्ण बनेगा।

इसका 1gm शहद में अच्छे से मिला ले और उसको ऐसे ही ले ले। दिन में 2 बार ले।

Appendicitis (अपेंडिसाइटिस)

अग्नि तुण्डि रस 2-2 गोली सुबह शाम, 3 दिन तक फिर 1-1 गोली सुबह शाम 8 दिन तक।

शूलवर्जिनी वटी, शंखवटी और संजीवनी वटी: 1-1 गोली, दिन में तीन बार।

पेट साफ करने के लिए, अरंडी का तेल 5-10gm, दूध में मिला कर रात में सोते समय ले।

लम्बे बुखार में

किसी भी लम्बे बुखार में (जब बुखार ना उतरता हो), "जय मंगल रस" 125mg (1 रत्ती) दिन में एक बार शहद के साथ ले। सिर्फ 2-3 दिन में फ़ायदा हो जाता है।

पित्त की पथरी - Gallbladder Stone के लिये:

1. कामलाहर रस 20gm
2. त्रिफला चूर्ण 20gm
3. अविपत्तिकर चूर्ण 20gm
4. ताप्यादि लौह 5gm
5. पुनर्नवादि मंडूर 5gm
6. आरोग्य वर्द्धिनी 5gm
7. शंख भस्म 5gm

यह सारी दवाइयां बाजार में आसानी से उपलब्ध है।

इन सब को आपस में मिला ले। कुल 80 gm चूर्ण बनेगा।

1gm चूर्ण पानी के साथ सुबह शाम 30 दिन लेने से पित्त पथरी का रोग खत्म हो जाता है।

Friday, April 28, 2017

Chandamama Magazine collection (1949 - 2006) HINDI

Chandamama was a classic Indian monthly magazine for children, famous for its illustrations. It also published long-running mythological/magical stories that ran for years. Originally, "Chandamama" was started in Telugu by B.Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani, noted Telugu Film Producer's.

In 2007, Chandamama was bought by Geodesic, a Mumbai-based software services provider company. They planned to take the then 60 year old magazine into the digital era. However the magazine is currently defunct as Geodesic itself was found defaulting on outstanding loans and was ordered to be wound up by the Mumbai High Court. (Source:wikipedia)

But, now atleast you can read the old issues of Chandamama (Hindi) from 1949 to 2006 once again :)

Just download the files from any one of below links, and extract the archives (using WINRAR software):


How to read:

After extracting the downloaded files using WINRAR, you will get zip files. No need to further extract these zip files as they can be read by below softwares:

To read on PC:  You need a software "Comic Display" (available at above links)

To read on Android phone: You need to install the app named "A Comic Viewer" from Google Play Store. 

Relive your Childhood :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Connect Two TVs with One Set Top Box (STB)

You can connect two TVs with one Set Top Box :) 

But same channel will be displayed on both the TVs...

Things you need to connect two TVs with one Set Top Box:

1. HDMI Amplifier Splitter:

There are two types of HDMI Splitter: A. Active (Powered) & B. Passive (Non Powered)

Passive ones are cheap but can work when distance between two TVs is below 6 feet (I have not tried this one).
So if the distance is more than 6 feet, you should buy the Active HDMI Splitter. Like this:

2. A good quality long HDMI cable:

You need a HDMI cable from one TV to second TV. You should buy a good quality HDMI cable like this:

3. An IR Extender (To make your Remote Work):

Now, If your Set Top Box is equipped with IR Remote, you need an IR Extender to change the channels with remote on second TV.  Like this:

The length of such IR Extenders are approx 1-2 meter. So, you can join "similar size cable" (which you can get from any electrical store) in between IR Extender to increase its length.

1. Output of Set Top Box will goto HDMI Splitter.
2. Connect your TVs through HDMI cables with outputs of HDMI Splitter.
3. Arrange IR Extender, so that you can change channels on second TV.

Enjoy watching channels on both the TVs :)