Friday, April 28, 2017

Chandamama Magazine collection (1949 - 2006) HINDI

Chandamama was a classic Indian monthly magazine for children, famous for its illustrations. It also published long-running mythological/magical stories that ran for years. Originally, "Chandamama" was started in Telugu by B.Nagi Reddy and Chakrapani, noted Telugu Film Producer's.

In 2007, Chandamama was bought by Geodesic, a Mumbai-based software services provider company. They planned to take the then 60 year old magazine into the digital era. However the magazine is currently defunct as Geodesic itself was found defaulting on outstanding loans and was ordered to be wound up by the Mumbai High Court. (Source:wikipedia)

But, now atleast you can read the old issues of Chandamama (Hindi) from 1949 to 2006 once again :)

Just download the files from any one of below links, and extract the archives (using WINRAR software):


How to read:

After extracting the downloaded files using WINRAR, you will get zip files. No need to further extract these zip files as they can be read by below softwares:

To read on PC:  You need a software "Comic Display" (available at above links)

To read on Android phone: You need to install the app named "A Comic Viewer" from Google Play Store. 

Relive your Childhood :)


  1. Brilliant Job.All these Chandamama magazines are so much precious.Its publication stopped on 2013 March.Hope you'll get remaining Chandamama magazines of 2007 to 2013 too.Then we can get entire the opportunity to read entire collection of these magazines.

    1. Thanks. I will try to collect those issues also.

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  3. All links are not working please help me

    1. all links are not working please help me

    2. I have checked the links and its working. Please check once again.

  4. English Chandamama you have sir?
    Karthik, Chennai

  5. What abt the बांकेलाल एंड क्रुकबांड ?

  6. This was the only magazine for children with short stories as well as mythological stories and it was also read by parents and elders.
    I was a regular reader of the magazine during my childhood days and was fond of keeping them in my collection.
    Now, I have bound volumes of Veer HamumanH Krishnavtaar and Mahabharta stories published in 1969-1975 and would like to give if anyone interested.