Sunday, December 23, 2012

Vedic Books

A Collection of Vedic / Spritual Books

There is a collection of Rare & Old Vedic / Spritual Books most of them are now not available as hard print. Bless yourself by reading such marvelous indepth knowledge books:

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Women Safety :: Pepper Spray - A Self Defense Tool

A Presentation on Women Safety:

Presentation Link #1

Presentation Link #2

A Pepper Spray can be used for Self Defense and it is Legal in India

अपना मिर्ची स्प्रे स्वयं बनायें:

१. आधा चम्मच मिर्ची पाउडर को थोङे पानी मे मिलाये और अच्छे से हिलाये|
२. एक पतले कपडे से इसे छान ले, ध्यान रखे कि छने हुअे पानी मे कुछ रह ना जाये|
३. इस मिश्रण को किसी खाली स्प्रे बोतल में भर ले|

इस स्प्रे बोतल को हमेशा अपने साथ रखे|

Download the above Pamphlet from below link for wide distribution:

Download Pamphlet from here 


A Pepper Spray Demonstration :

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hindi Story Book [Android]

Hindi Story Book [Android]

Read Your Favourite Hindi Stories on Android Tablet / Mobile.

This is a Hindi Story Book application containing 250+ Hindi stories (kahaniya) from various titles like Akbar Birbal, Panchtantra, Tenali Ram, Bhartiya Lok Kathaye, Singhasan Battisi etc.

Download From Google Play:


3 Books of Swami Dayanand [Android]

3 Books of Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Now Read Three Great Books of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati (Founder of Arya Samaj) on Android Tablet/Mobile:

1. Arya Udeshya Ratnamala [आर्य्योद्देश्यरत्नमाला]
2. Gau Karuna Nidhi [गोकरुणानिधि]
3. Vyavahaar Bhanu [व्यवहारभानु]

Every One Should Read them!

Download from Google Play:


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Satyarth Prakash on Android

Read Satyarth Prakash by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati on Android Devices


Now, you can read Satyarth Prakash (Light of Truth) by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, founder of Arya Samaj [in Hindi] on Android Tablets/Mobiles.

You can install the application from Google Play:

Excerpt from :

The book enshrines universal truth of universal human values in a spirit of universal love & justice. A study of the book will give a clear insight into all the important theologies and metaphysics that one finds prevalent in India. It can be ranked with the top ranking Holy books of the world.

Satyartha Prakasha is an exposition of Truth, Dharma and Revelation in the modern context. Swami Dayananda referred back to the permanent message of the Vedas and exhorted the Indians to renew and rebuild their life and culture in new forms which were relevant in the new age. It is an interfaith dialogue on unity of faith in the diversity of religions, beliefs and practices. Second part of Satyartha Prakasha has often been criticized by those who have misunderstood Swamiji’s purpose and intention. Swamiji himself says in the ‘Introduction’: “I do not mean to hurt or oppose anybody. My purpose is to state the universal truth and distinguish if from what is not true.” Satyartha Prakasha deserves to be read carefully with understanding and open mind from cover to cover.



Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Read Gita on Android Tablet/Phone

Gita in Hindi by Gita Press, Gorakhpur : Now on Android

Now Great Gita is available on Android Platform as Ebook application in Hindi Language. Any Android Tablet/Phone can use this application for reading Gita (Hindi) on the go.

A must read atleast once in a Lifetime! Now on Android for easy reading anytime anywhere.

Download from the Google Play:

Here are the Screenshots:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress - Various Reading Formats : PDF, DOC, Text, HTML, PRC & Epub

Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress, Gorakhpur 

Various Reading Formats : PDF, DOC, Text, HTML, PRC & Epub

The follwing files are in the archive:
1)  Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress.doc
2) Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress.htm
3) Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress.pdf
4) Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress _Unicode.pdf
5) Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress.prc
6) Gita - Hindi - by GitaPress.txt
7) Gita - Hindi by GitaPress - Shri Krishna.epub

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hindi Stories - Lok-Kathaye, Premchand etc.

Hindi Stories in Unicode Format

30 Hindi Stories : Lok-Kathaye, Bal-Kahaniya, Premchand Kahaniya etc. in Unicode format:
The above zip file contains the following:
Bade Babu
Bado Ki Badi Baat
Betal Patchisi
Bhartiya Lok-kathen
Duniya Ka Sabse Anmol Ratan
Eentt ki Diwar
Hamare Sant Mahatma
Hamari Adarsh Nariyan
Hamari Bodh Kathaen
Kahani Kahun Bhaiya
Mendhak Aur Gilhari
Puncho Wala Chuha
Raj kumar Ki Pratigya
Santon Ki Seekh
Saphalta Ki Kunji
Shreshth Kahaniyan
Singhasan Battisi

Satyarth Prakash in Various Reading Formats

Satyarth Prakash - Light of Truth - by Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati.

सत्यार्थ प्रकाश - महर्षि दयानन्द सरस्वती

Satyarth Prakash is a great book to understand what Ved are all about and their teachings for human beings.
Now, Satyarth Prakash is available in different reading formats like PDF, Text, Html, PRC, Doc & Epub suitable for Computer & Mobile Reading.
Downlaod from here:
The above folder contains the following:
(Here Unicode stands for UNICODE format & _WC stands for Walkman-Chanakya-905 font)

1. Satyarth Prakash Cover Page.jpg
2. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.doc
3. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.epub
4. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.htm
5. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.pdf
6. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.prc
7. Satyarth Prakash Unicode.txt
8. Satyarth Prakash _WC.doc
9. Satyarth Prakash _WC.epub
10. Satyarth Prakash _WC.htm
11. Satyarth Prakash _WC.pdf
12. Satyarth Prakash _WC.prc
13. Satyarth Prakash _WC.txt
14. satyarth prakash.pdf

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tata Photon+ Settings for HCL ME U1 Tablet

Tata Photon+ Settings for HCL ME U1 Tablet

1. Connect your Tata Photon+ Dongle to HCL ME U1 Tab and Select Settings.

2. Turn off WiFi

3. Select "More"  & Then "Mobile Networks.

4. Select APN Settings.

5. Click on Menu Buton (:) at Top Right & Select "NEW APN"

6. Use the following settings (Case-Sensitive) :

APN : none
User : internet
Password: internet
Dial Number: #777
Name: Tata Photon+

Leave all other fields as it is.

7. Click the Menu (:) again and click on SAVE

8. Exit the Settings & Wait for 3G Network bar to appear. Then Connect to Internet.

Compatible Tata Photon+ Dongles Model Nos: EC1260, EC1261, EC152 & EC156

Monday, August 13, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Hindi Fonts

I have found archive having lots of Hindi Fonts. You can download from here:

List of Fonts: 


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Vedic Books at Digital Library of India

Digital Library of India is initiative of GoI. A lot of books have been kept here in scanned form and users can read them online. The website URL is:

One need to install Tiff Reader Plugin before starting reading from site. The instruction for the same are given in above referred website.

I have found some very Rare & Old Vedic Book at Digital Library of India and its my pleasure to share with you all, the links of those fabulous books:

Aarya samaj kya hai ?

Bhojan Dwara Swasthya

Upanishad Prakash

Darshananand Granth Sangrah - Uttarardh

Ishvar Vichar - Darshananand

Vedant Darshan Purvardh

Kartawya Darpan - Narayan Swami

Mrutyu Rahasya - Narayan Swami

Brahm - Vigyan - Narayan Goswami

Sandhyaa Rahasya

Shrimadbhagvatgeeta rahasya athava karmayogashastra - Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Rishi Dayananda Kaa Patra Vyavahaar Bhaag 2

Shrimatdayanand - prakash

Adwaitwad - Gangaprasad Upadhayay

Sayaran aur Dayanand

Jeevatma - Gangaprasad ji upadhaya

Aastikvaad - pandit ganga Prasad Upadhyay

Aatma - sanyam

Mritiu aur Parkol - Narayan Swamiji Maharaj

Ham Aaryasamaajii Kyon Bane

Aarya Mantavya Darpand

vaidik upasana

Saphalata Ka Rahasya

Maharsi Dayanand ke ved bhasya ki vishestayen

Rishi Dayanand sarasvati ke patra aur vigyapan

Brahmcharya - Sandesh

Vaidik adarsh

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bhajan : नमस्कार भगवान तुम्हे भक्तो का बारम्बार हो

नमस्कार भगवान तुम्हे भक्तो का बारम्बार हो |
श्रद्धा रुपी भेंट हमारी मंगलमय स्वीकार हो ||
तुम कण कण मे बसे हुए हो, तुझमे जगत समाया है |
तिनका हो चाहे पर्वत हो सभी तुम्हारी माया है ||
तुम दुनिया के हर प्राणी के जीवन का आधार हो |
श्रद्धा रुपी भेंट हमारी मंगलमय स्वीकार हो ||
सबके सच्चे पिता तुम्ही हो, तुम्ही जगत की माता हो |
भाई-बंधु सखा सहायक सबके जीवन दाता हो ||
चींटी से लेकर हाथी तक सबके स्रजनहार हो |
श्रद्धा रुपी भेंट हमारी मंगलमय स्वीकार हो ||
ऋ्षि मुनि योगी जन सारे तुमसे ही वर पाते है |
क्या राजा क्या रंक तुम्हारे दर पर शीष झुकाते है ||
परम दयालु परम क्रपालु करुणा के भंडार हो |
श्रद्धा रुपी भेंट हमारी मंगलमय स्वीकार हो ||
तुफानो से घिरे पथिक का तुम्ही एक सहार हो |
डगमग डगमग नईया डोले, तुम्ही नाथ किनारा हो ||
तुम केवट हो इस नईया के और तुम्ही मझधार हो |
श्रद्धा रुपी भेंट हमारी मंगलमय स्वीकार हो ||   

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bhajan : ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू:

ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: |

मैने पूछा पपीहा से हे पपीहा |
तेरा किसके विरह मे तङपे जिया ||
है लगन मे मगन दिल किसको दिया |
पीपी करता बता तेरा कौन पिया ||

बोला ईश्वर वही मेरा प्यारा प्रभू |  
ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू:  ||

वही  आकाश धन गिरि श्रंगो मे है |
वही ताल तडाग विहगो मे है ||
वही सिंधु की ताल तरंगो मे है |
वही रमा हुआ सब रंगो मे है ||

फूलो मे बसे उसकी खुशबू |
ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू:  ||

भक्ति रस मे दयानन्द ऐसे बहे |
आजन्म अखंङ ब्रह्मचारी रहे ||
धर्म रक्षा के हित लाखो संकट सहे |
जाते जाते भी ऋ्षि यों कहते गये ||

तेरी इच्छा हो पूरण प्यारे प्रभू |
ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ओ३म् भू: ||                     

|| प्रार्थना ||

|| प्रार्थना ||

पूज्यनीय प्रभो! हमारे भाव उज्ज्वल कीजिए |
छोङ देवें छल कपट को, मानसिक बल दीजिए ||१||

वेद की गायें ऋचायें, सत्य को धारण करें |
हर्ष में हों मग्न सारे शोक-सागर से तरें ||२||

अश्वमेधादिक रचायें यज्य पर-उपकार को |
धर्म-मर्यादा चलाकर, लाभ दें संसार को ||३||

नित्य श्रद्धा-भक्ति से यज्यादि हम करते रहें |
रोग पीङित विश्व के सन्ताप सब हरते रहें ||४||

भावना मिट जाय मन से पाप अत्यचार की |
कामनायें पूर्ण होवें यज्य से नर नारि की ||५||

लाभकारी हो हवन हर प्राणधारी के लिये |
वायु-जल सर्वत्र हों शुभ गन्ध को धरण किये ||६||

स्वार्थ-भाव मिटे हमारा प्रेम-पथ विस्तार हो |
'इदन्न मम' का सार्थक प्रत्येक मे व्यवहार हो ||७||

हाथ जोङ झुकायें मस्तक वन्दना हम कर रहे |
'नाथ' करुणा-रूप करुणा आपकी सब पर रहे ||८||

Vedic Mantra

ओ३म् त्र्यम्बकं यजामहे सुगन्धिं पुष्टिवर्धनम्
उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनान्मृत्योर्मुक्षीय माऽमृतात्  ऋगवेद  : ५९ : १२

O Sustainer of the three worlds, Destroyer of illness and supporter of all!
In the same way as a ripe fruit gets its release from its pedicel,
 so free us from disease and give us immortal life.

ओ३म्  स पर्य्यगाच्छुक्रमकायमव्रणमस्नाविरँ् शुद्धमपापविध्दम् |
कविर्मनीषी परिभू: स्वयम्भूर्याथातथ्यतोsर्थान् व्यदधाच्छाश्वतीभ्य: समाभ्य:|| यजुर्वेद ४०.८

He is One and only One, Sustains entire universe, Omnipresent, Formless, All-Powerful, Perfect, Omniscient, Unborn, Eternal and supports us always. He alone should be worshipped.

ओ३म्  सह नाववतु सह नौ भुनक्तु सह वीर्यं करवावहै ।
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषावहै । ओ३म् शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥
तैतरीय उपनिषद ९.०.०

Oh God! Let us protect together each other with your blessings. May we achieve glory together. May we enhance our ability together. With your blessings may we be able to increase our knowledge together. Oh God! Bless us so that we may never hate each other, our three sufferings i.e., Adhyatmik, Adhi-Bhautik and Adhi-Daivik sufferings be put to peace.