Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Old Vedic Books at Digital Library of India

Digital Library of India is initiative of GoI. A lot of books have been kept here in scanned form and users can read them online. The website URL is:

One need to install Tiff Reader Plugin before starting reading from site. The instruction for the same are given in above referred website.

I have found some very Rare & Old Vedic Book at Digital Library of India and its my pleasure to share with you all, the links of those fabulous books:

Aarya samaj kya hai ?

Bhojan Dwara Swasthya

Upanishad Prakash

Darshananand Granth Sangrah - Uttarardh

Ishvar Vichar - Darshananand

Vedant Darshan Purvardh

Kartawya Darpan - Narayan Swami

Mrutyu Rahasya - Narayan Swami

Brahm - Vigyan - Narayan Goswami

Sandhyaa Rahasya

Shrimadbhagvatgeeta rahasya athava karmayogashastra - Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Rishi Dayananda Kaa Patra Vyavahaar Bhaag 2

Shrimatdayanand - prakash

Adwaitwad - Gangaprasad Upadhayay

Sayaran aur Dayanand

Jeevatma - Gangaprasad ji upadhaya

Aastikvaad - pandit ganga Prasad Upadhyay

Aatma - sanyam

Mritiu aur Parkol - Narayan Swamiji Maharaj

Ham Aaryasamaajii Kyon Bane

Aarya Mantavya Darpand

vaidik upasana

Saphalata Ka Rahasya

Maharsi Dayanand ke ved bhasya ki vishestayen

Rishi Dayanand sarasvati ke patra aur vigyapan

Brahmcharya - Sandesh

Vaidik adarsh

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